August 14, 2019

Pocket Lists for Families

Introducing Pocket Lists for families! Get the update on the App Store for free:

Shared to-do lists and teamwork had been possible with many apps out there, but there were no apps yet with the family collaboration built into the very heart of the app. We are proud to make Pocket Lists the entire to-do list app industry's first app optimized specifically for families — not just teams and businesses.

The new ? Family tab integrates real-time collaboration and sharing, and makes it very easy for all family members to work together as an efficient productive team (up to 6 members per family): share to-do lists with each other, view family activity log, assign tasks.

New family collaboration features are perfectly aligned with the app's personal organization capabilities thanks to flexible access rights setup. This makes the app useful for both private and shared to-do lists — all in one place.

Basic family collaboration functionality is available for free! An optional family subscription (starting at just $3.99/mo for the entire family of up to 6 people) enables additional features such as family activity log and to-do assignments. Plus it grants all Pocket Lists premium features to each family member you invite.

No more '2'

And one more thing! With this release, we omit the '2' from the app name. Since the initial release in 2017 and the Pocket Lists 1 app shutdown, the app name used to be 'Pocket Lists 2' to make it clear for all users that the new app was a completely new one! And now, when the transition is over, we are happy to continue with the simpliest of all options — just Pocket Lists!